Fancy Food Show 2017

4 years ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Fancy Food Show 2017

The Fancy Food Show is the largest US-based food show in the industry. The excitement and energy in the aisles is staggering, and the show has gotten bigger and better every year. Sahadi's presence there is twofold. First, we set up a booth to show our exclusive lines from our wholesale division (items like our  Falafel Mix or Chia Seeds). And, we also shop the show for our retail division. From the moment my brother Ron arrives and starts to set up the booth, it's a non-stop race to get everything done, every meeting checked off the list. Booth setup is a riot with forklifts circling, carpet being laid, and displays built right before your eyes. It is unbelievable that in two short days, this will be a beautifully laid out venue of classic and brand-new products. 


With our product in the building, it's then time to work on merchandising. Display signs and tables go up and product is placed.


Once the heavy lifting is done, it's showtime! Samples are set up and offered continuously throughout the day. This year’s favorites included a Zejd infused Olive Oil tasting and Sun Lion Harissa (Hot Sauce).


Once the booth is set up and sampling is underway, it's time for me to change hats and walk the aisles as a buyer and retailer. Aisles and aisles of great food await. I take at least one of my adult children with me each day to taste test, as there's too much to try alone. Three full days of tasting! After walking the show this year, it seems the “hot” item is either jerky or jerky type sausages. As for beverages, this seems to be the “year of the cocktail mixers." I am sure a bunch of these items will make it to my shelves in the coming months.