From Farm to Shop

4 years ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
From Farm to Shop

It's farmers market season, so we'd like to share a few photos from one of our favorite seed farms. Many of ourgranolas and snack mixes use seeds for extra crunch and nutrition (you can also buy them in bulk here). Our best seeds come from a seed farm grower on the West Coast. Their commitment to quality is second to none. A family owned operation -- like Sahadi's! -- we've been buying from them for over 30 years. Our commitment and ability to deliver quality product relies on our wonderful long-term relationships with our farms. We work directly with them to ensure we get the best of the crop.

The seeds are farmed the old fashioned way. Pumpkins grown for seeds are vastly different than pumpkins grown for vegetable or decorative use. This team of farmers specialize in seeds, and have decades of experience on what conditions product the best, sweetest, tastiest seeds with the most uniform color and size.

In the spring, the seeds are carefully planted and nurtured until they begin to grow and flower. Thorough irrigation ensures that the plants are getting the nutrients they need to grow the most perfect seeds.

They are harvested at an optimal time of year to ensure that they get to us at their best. Harvesting is done efficiently and carefully to minimize breakage.

After harvest, we bring them to our cold storage in New Jersey, where the seeds are kept in optimal conditions until we are ready to freshly roast them in our roasting facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. These photos show the amazing journey from first bloom until they are packed on the truck, destined for your snacktime! You can't help but admire the care that goes into those beautiful fields.