Goldbelly, TripleSeat, and Pumpkins! Oh My!

6 months ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Goldbelly, TripleSeat, and Pumpkins! Oh My!

For most people the fall means slowing down a bit, especially in these uncertain times. For retailers, the holiday season is just beginning and we look forward to filling both of our stores with fall merchandise and festive events! New crops of nuts and fruits are arriving daily. We have just finished decorating for Halloween, and with the nip in the air it feels like nature is ready for it.


At Industry City we are excited to host two family-friendly pumpkin decorating events! We have socially distant tables, and kids will be decorating pumpkins with stickers and paint. Warm cider and goodie bags are also on the agenda in our heated, tented courtyard! Plus, we have a terrific selection of Fall cocktails for the adults joining us: Bourbon-spiced Cider, Pomegranate Cranberry Sangria, Espresso Martini’s, Spiked Hot Chocolate and Blood Orange Mimosas are all on the bar menu. If you’re among these small groups, we guarantee you’ll have a Happy Halloween!!

Also on the agenda is a seasonal shift in our menu offerings to heartier dishes for the fall. Soup is back in both stores as well — ask our friendly staff about today’s offerings! In the coming weeks, expect to see housemade cranberry sauce, spiced roasted winter squash, sweet potatoes glazed with organic honey and all-natural house marinated and roasted turkey on the menus of both locations.

You can now get your Sahadi’s fix via Caviar, Mercato, and (drum roll, please) on Goldbelly. We’re happy to be partnering with Goldbelly for iconic and exclusive packages. For years people have asked how they can get our hummus shipped to their home all over the country and we have not been able to do so. We are all so excited for this partnership and for finally being able to make those customers happy. We make, bake and package hummus, meze dishes, fresh house baked pita as well as a variety of nuts and our custom pastries and ship them directly to your home. Most deliveries of perishables come overnight with insulated boxes and ice packs. This is an amazing gift for someone who wants a taste of Sahadi’s best dishes or as a special treat for yourself! You deserve it after this kind of a year. I’m personally thrilled to be able to say “yes!” to people asking this year. Click here to learn more and place your order.

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to have people over both at home and at our café. 2020 has been really unusual for someone like me who absolutely loves hospitality, and yet has had to be socially distant. Going into the fall, we are looking for ways to be responsible while also being hospitable in the way Sahadi’s has always been. We have heated our outdoor tent and installed lights, so we can continue jazz Saturdays and host smaller gatherings. We are having a fire pit installed to space things out and warm them up. This’ll give a opportunity for a small intimate group to enjoy catching up. We have also resumed catering, pick up and delivery for people to enjoy a small gathering in the comfort of their own home. As allowed by NYC, we will also be hosting smaller groups indoors in our café area. It feels really good to be able to enjoy this aspect of life again, albeit in a smaller way. Click here to learn more and book your tables

Lastly as the summer winds down, I am picking and drying the last of my herbs and hot peppers to enjoy all winter long in stews and braises and soups. I have already made and jarred Aleppo pepper garlic sauce, as well as apricot habanero jelly. I always mourn the loss of the easy to pick summer garden, but knowing I can still have a taste of it by preserving the harvest makes me smile in the winter.