Holiday Happenings

5 months ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Holiday Happenings

2020 has been an unusual and challenging year, to put it simply! In an effort to manifest normalcy, we placed our holiday orders in the spring and hoped for the best. Traditionally we would prepare the shelves and know exactly how we were going to merchandise the products and promote the season. This year with all of the supply disruptions and border and factory closings, we just rolled with it with a smile. This week both stores began to receive tons of new items. Bell and Evans Turkeys have arrived and our kitchen is gearing up for holiday side dishes!

Advent calendars began to be filled with in-house specialties, holiday chocolates arrived along with Stollen and a variety of panettone and pandoro cakes. Christmas marzipan arrived along with baking specialties for the holiday. Deliveries of fancy gift bags for wine arrived the same day as the boxes to make gift baskets. As boxes began to be unpacked in both stores, displays were built, shippers assembled and just like that it started to look like the holidays at Sahadi’s. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be in the spirit, but sure enough as those boxes were emptied, employee morale got a real boost. After months of uncertainty and “doom and gloom” from up above, designing this section together gave us a sense of community that felt terrific.

Food has a unique ability to transcend what is happening in the world and bring people together whether in body, mind or spirit. I had a real moment of peace when I saw a little girl staring transfixed at a package of French Christmas pasta. The holidays are coming, and we are grateful to be part of people enjoying them. Both stores are looking forward to bringing a little joy into people’s lives through good food and familiar traditions. Every culture has those unique holiday specialties and treats that they cannot imagine the holidays without. We have tried to put together as many of these items as possible on our shelves, so everyone can take a little bit of home with them. Here’s to the holiday spirit!

At Atlantic Ave, festivities will be both indoor and outside. The weekends will be for the “outdoor market” that NYC is allowing this season. Gifts will be sold from tables right in front of our doors under tents. We are looking forward to fostering a sense of community on the Avenue. Curbside pick-up at its best! We will also be participating in Avenue-wide events like window decorating contests and the tree lighting. Expect holiday shopping nights every Friday in December, where we will be giving out individual samples of wine and snacks while helping our guests find the perfect gift.

At Industry City we are putting together a full calendar of events. Every Saturday and Sunday, 11am–12pm we have a children’s decorating activity planned in our large, heated tent. While socially distanced, the kids will have a chance to enjoy an activity and take home a treat. On Friday after school from 4–5pm we are hosting a “make your own s’mores” activity to TGIF, also under our heated tent. For adults, we are offering holiday shopping nights with tons of great gift ideas and samples of wine and treats every Friday in December from 5-7pm. Jazz will be playing in our courtyard until 9pm these nights, and we have hot drinks to keep you warm. You can relax by the firepit and make your own adult s’mores accompanied by an espresso martini or a bourbon spiced cider. Stop in and visit. Cheers and Happy Holidays!!