In The Home Stretch

2 years ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
In The Home Stretch

While the construction process has been much longer and more arduous than we were expecting, we are finally entering the home stretch. After months of electrical and engineering questions and issues we worked through, as well as a multitude of architectural changes in the drawings, we were finally in the position to start stocking the shelves. While the stock is only just arriving, most had been ordered months ago, so it has been a lot of fun remembering what we actually ordered as it arrives and is put on the floor.


Juices and jams, as well as snacks and baking items are all arriving by the truckload. Our floor managers have arranged and rearranged the displays as stock continues to arrive. At our team meeting this week we were talking about how happy we were with the curation of products we have sourced for this location and how we are hoping the customers enjoy it as much as we are. The early bird friends and family visitors have all been thrilled with the product mix.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to buy anything yet, but the feedback from the visitors has been great.


From the first moment when the kitchen equipment arrived, this project has been thrilling to witness and shepherd along until completion. The outdoor furniture makes the café area look polished and the outdoor bar is even more inviting than we had hoped for. The front-of-house refrigeration is sleek and smart looking filled with our unique beverage display. The communal table has already been put to good use for a few small private events. The icing on the cake is the floor layout which was a partnership between our design group and the terrific team at Industry City. One of the most exciting days was seeing them finally paint the exterior sign!


The next few weeks will be filled with buying and merchandising perishables and putting our kitchen staff through their paces on all new equipment. Taste testing and friends and family nights will fill up the time until we feel ready to soft open the doors and share this labor of love with all of our customers, suppliers and friends. At the end of the day when I walk out the door to the spectacular sunset on the waterfront just a block or so away, I remember why we chose Industry City for our first new location in 70 years!