New Ventures

3 months ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
New Ventures

If there was one thing that 2020 taught us in business is that to be successful you have to constantly grow and change.  When we opened our store and café in late 2019 we were looking to serve our customers in the store, café and bar.  Just as we were approaching that, all of our worlds turned upside down.  And because this is NYC, the rules constantly changed.  You can open the café, then you cannot.  You can have people indoors, then you cannot.  That was the running theme of 2020.  We went from a café to fulfillment center and slowly, slowly back to café.  We decided it wasn’t going to be about what we couldn’t do, but what we can do.

Our amazing vibrant, young management team had decided to kick off 2021 with a bang.  Cait created Salsa Fridays and Denissa managed the party.  It was wonderful to see people dancing outside under the stars and sometimes around the snow piles.  Masked and all, people are living again.  It was time to reopen the café with service, whether we were allowed to open indoors or not.  Our tent is large, spaced properly and well-heated with a gorgeous large firepit roaring right outside!  Valentine’s Day Soul Brunch would be the official beginning to a great new year.

We wanted a small yet well rounded menu, focusing on products we were excited about.  We ran through dozens of dishes, tweaking here and there to perfect the flavor profiles.  We served breakfast for lunch for the entire floor staff as we played around and took notes of everyone’s comments.  Our mixologist developed complementary brunch drink specials to enhance the menu.  Servers were hired and trained and we decided to secretly pop up one weekend to see how things went. Considering the challenges of the weather and snow this year all went well and we are officially debuting on 2/14/21!


The finalized menu is a selection of our favorites.  Shakshuka, a delicious slightly spicy tomato and pepper sauce envelops two soft cooked eggs with runny yolks and is sprinkled with Greek feta and olives.  Served in a cast iron skillet with our house made pita, it is just delicious!  Our Lebany plate is a delight.  Seasonal fresh fruit and house baked pita complements our hand made honey walnut lebany with house made granola sprinkled over all.  Lebanese breakfast is more traditional.  Fava beans slow cooked with spices accompany a jammy egg, fresh Persian cucumbers and tomatoes served with baba ghanoug and pita.  This is a brunch dish is meant to be eaten slowly and savored.  Our cheese and charcuterie plate will be seasonal and our Cheesemongers choice, so you will always get an amazing board.  Hummus Toast is done Sahadi’s style with our house made hummus spread on a grilled local multi grain bread.  Garnished with fresh vegetables and finished with our harissa sauce, it is served with a seasonal salad.  My personal favorite is our breakfast Saj.  Local cured basterma, grilled halloumi cheese, fresh vegetables and an over easy egg sauteed in Aleppo pepper oil are rolled in our house     

We are all looking forward to 2021 and our new ventures.  Join us for brunch Saturday and Sunday 11 – 3 at our Industry City location.  Many Sundays will feature music.  This Sunday, February 14 will be @TanguyStevenart with Funk Soul to complement our romantic brunch menu!  We will continue to host Salsa with @cuartetoguataca on Friday nights from 5 – 8 and Jazz with @StanKillian Saturdays 4 – 8.  Have a drink and a small plate from our café, linger and live again.  We love to host everyone!  Join us for safe and good times for all!