Oh, Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

3 years ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Oh, Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

I'm sure you've sang along to "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" for years and years -- but have you ever tasted a classic British holiday pudding? One of the best parts of this job is traveling around the world to taste products that are not as widespread here in the States. Every country and every region have their specialties that bring the Holidays home for them; that these specialties are not readily available the rest of the year make them even more desirable and nostalgic. We have all sorts of European expats living in our local neighborhood, so our inventory reflects that. Some of the most amazing seasonal cakes are produced in Western Europe and the British Isles. This year we are excited to feature our Christmas Puddings. For the first time, we brought several different types from a few select British companies. Each is a slightly different style and unique in their own way. Familiar foods stir passion in people and that is most evident during the holiday season. 

From Germany, we have all sorts of tasty Stollen and from Italy, we've imported hand-wrapped Panettone. These holiday breads all have their own unique flavor profile and texture. Every homesick person will swear their home country's is the best. I love them all -- both for our holiday breakfast table, as well as for hostess gifts. It's the perfect thing to nosh on with that (too early) Christmas morning coffee. Who wouldn’t enjoy one of these delicately sweet and fruity scented breads? All of these traditional breads really give you insight into a culture. That is one of the best things about food -- it takes you to another place in just a few bites! Flour, water, yeast, flavoring and fruit are the common denominator. I can tell you from personal experience, they also make amazing French toast if you have any left over!

We're also in love with Walker’s holiday line of chocolate-covered biscuits. Buttery and crisp with a dark chocolate layer, these are a beautiful and delicious addition to any holiday treat display. Walker's has been baking traditional British Shortbread for over 100 years!!

As for holiday treats that are closer to home, we package thousands of festive baskets for Holiday and Hostess gifts. We make around 20 different varieties by hand and ship all over the country. Every single basket is made-to-order to insure freshness. That makes us incredible busy for the end of the 4th quarter. Both our standard baskets and our seasonal ones are in high demand, so order yours now! A little indulgent and always delicious, a food gift is a gift that everyone loves to give and receive.