One-year Anniversary at Industry City

8 months ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
One-year Anniversary at Industry City

Most years I feel like time passes very quickly. This year, I have mixed feelings about the speed of time. We just reached our 1-year milestone at IC and on one hand I cannot believe a whole year has gone by. From breaking ground and thinking we were never going to get open, to the reality of actually being open and working. This year has been a wild one.

I am not sure we have really had a normal season here at the Industry City store. It takes time to get your footing in any new venture and we were just beginning to hit our stride when we were deep into the fourth quarter. After the holidays, the uncertainty and reality of what an international disaster the year 2020 was, hit us all hard. Once again, we found ourselves scrambling in a new business: delivery. We were so focused on the newness of the café that we hadn’t figured to do deliveries for another year at the earliest. Goes to show you can’t predict anything!

This year has shown us the leadership quality in our top team. It has given me the pleasure of working with both of my children as colleagues in Industry City and Atlantic Ave. It has allowed us to watch our Front of House team shine at Industry City, in the café and bar. Bringing a party to the courtyard with oysters from our friends at Mother Shuckers and Stan Killians’ terrific jazz trio has been a delight. It’s an amazing feeling to see guests enjoying sitting in the sunshine and breeze, people-watching and imbibing a glass of Lebanese or French wine and a Saj sandwich.



I cannot wait to watch and see what our next generation of managers does with this delightful space. The options are endless and there are plenty more evenings to enjoy with music and good company. Perhaps salsa or middle eastern music will play out in the sky in the next few months?

So, what did I do on our 1 year anniversary? I sat in our courtyard and enjoyed a rosé from Provence, eating oysters with my daughter Caitlin while enjoying jazz. This is fast becoming our new Saturday tradition. 



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