Plane Snacks

One last thing: remember when airlines used to give out peanuts on airplanes?? It was the perfect mix of savory goodness, protein and healthy fats. They were a staple for me. Then came the allergies, and the airlines eliminated them. Now, I bring my own roasted salted almonds. Fourteen pieces are just 100 calories and they are savory and delicious without weighing you down -- perfect for traveling. I love them as a snack. I have even been known to share them with strangers in the airport if they ask. We roast our almonds weekly, so they are the best (no, seriously!). I always have a bag in my purse as a snack. Being in this business means we’re always sourcing the best things to eat for every occasion, whether that’s for your Mother’s Day brunch or dashing through airports. Follow along on our JBF Gala adventure on Instagram and Twitter.