Trials and Triumphs of Construction

2 years ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Trials and Triumphs of Construction

The new Industry City location is the very first expansion of our third-generation, family-owned business.  In all that time, we were never able to build from scratch, and while I knew it would be a huge project, it is a much bigger undertaking than I anticipated.  The best part of this business for me has always been the customer interaction and the recipe development.  My artistic skill set runs to flavor profiles and new product curation — not electrical loads and gas lines!  This construction project has proven to be a real challenge and opportunity for growth.

I have been working with my family for my whole professional life.  I am impulsive and sometimes too quick to make decisions.  My husband Pat is slower but much more methodical, realistic and practical.  And my brother Ron is somewhere in the middle, so we all have different perspectives.  We were lucky to have assembled a terrific team: a wonderful architect, building manager, contractor team, engineers and great consultants who kept us on track and kept the process moving.   

Despite delays and a lot of angst over large decisions, the project is coming closer to completion and is looking like what we hoped and dreamed it would be.  The drawn renditions are becoming a reality.  My new temporary office overlooks the construction site, so I’ve been able to follow the final stages of construction.

Last week the doors went in, and they are absolutely beautiful.  The doors open the entire storefront to the interior hallway and to the courtyard during the warmer months.  That flow will be so enjoyable in the summer evenings.  I can't wait to see the signage hung on the outside facade (not quite here yet).  Our refrigeration and ovens have arrived, but are still waiting installation.  Everyone keeps telling me that one morning I will come in and the whole store will be put together.  Fingers crossed it will be soon!

I can’t wait to get back to what I do best — hospitality!!  I’m very excited about the craft Lebanese beer and wine and the café, all of which we have never had the space to add at the existing store on Atlantic Ave.  I’m hoping to offer brunch, which is my favorite meal of the week to enjoy with my husband.  We are all so excited to welcome you to the newest addition to our family of businesses.  Stay tuned for continued updates!