Wrap it up with a bow!

1 year ago By Christine Sahadi Whelan
Wrap it up with a bow!

One of the most fun activities of the Sahadi’s holiday season is the basket making and gift making. Our talented and creative staff enjoys putting together whimsical baskets filled with surprises! They walk through the store picking up this and that, items they would personally love to receive, and then artfully arrange them in baskets and festively wrap. The gift baskets have quite a personal touch and each of our team members puts their heart into making them look terrific. 

We make hundreds of baskets during the holiday season. So many that we look around and wonder if we can ever sell them in time for the holidays. Denissa, one of our Industry City store managers and our resident basket guru, tells me the same thing every year, “They will all be gone by the holidays!” and she is always right. All year she searches for the perfect containers to use as a base and then come August she orders wrap and ribbons and bows and cards and shred, then she goes to work making models for our basket team to follow. 

Italian baskets and Middle Eastern baskets and Staff Favorite Totes and whimsical handmade chocolate boxes and fruit + nut + candy trays are all on the holiday basket “menu.”  At Atlantic Avenue, we ship and sell hundreds of baskets a season. Custom baskets and corporate orders can be accommodated at both locations. Every year it’s great to watch new team members learning what the holidays mean at Sahadi’s and that is always baskets and more baskets!

At Industry City, we are looking forward to our “Holiday Shopping Nights” on the next two Fridays, 12/13 and 12/20 from 4 - 7pm. We are excited to have our best personal shoppers on the floor to help customers with their shopping lists. We will offer plenty of wine samples as well as small bites to keep the atmosphere festive as we make shopping easy for everyone.  Taste a few new things, toast the holidays and finish off your list — that’s our goal for the customer experience. Our energetic floor staff loves interacting with customers and making suggestions in a small, personal and intimate setting.

Most people probably imagine that our family is super passionate about the holidays, but in truth while we love them, we all look forward to the quieter moments of the season when we can just sit with a glass of wine and a small appetizer and reflect back an another wonderful, successful holiday season. Now that my children are grown and out of the house the most endearing thing about the holiday is having them both with us at home or in quiet moment in a restaurant on Christmas Eve, just the four of us toasting the season and each other.  That is what memories are made of.