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A traditional Lebanese spread, our Mezze Menu offers a variety of dishes that encapsulate the flavors of the Levant. The menu includes: 1 tray Mini Spanakopita, 1 Large Cheese & Cracker Platter, 1 Large Appetizer Platter, 1 Greek Salad Bowl, 1 Tabouli Bowl, 1 Mediterranean Couscous Bowl, 1 Roasted Potatoes Bowl, 1 Tray Roasted Long Stem Artichokes, 1 Tray Mini Kafta or Mini Cheese Pies, 1 Tray Mini Kibbeh or Mini Lebanese Omelets, 1 Tray Boneless Chicken Fingers or Grilled Eggplant and Tomato, Pita Bread (White, Whole Whear or Both), 1 Large Pastry Platter. Serving Utensils Included. Mezze menus feed up to 25 people.
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