Mimolette Aged (8 Ounce)

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This Boule de Lille as its called in France (Lille, for the village where it is produced) was originally contracted by Louis XIV who wanted a French fromager to recreate his beloved Dutch Edam. Made after the Edam fashion, annatto is added to these beauties to introduce a sweet nuttiness as well as the signature titian color. Formed into nearly 5 pound boules, the aforementioned orange paste and tan, uneven rind (this bumpy rind is caused by the action of cheese mites which are encouraged in the aging of Mimolette to aerate the cheese and add flavor) result in an aged Mimolette that closely resembles a ripe cantaloupe. This delightful cheese is dense and slightly salty, with earthy, sweet, almost caramel, undertones. Though its fruitier than Parmesan, the similarity in texture and saltiness means you can use Mimolette in place of parmesan in recipes or at the dinner table! Pair it with a Gin Negroni or a Cognac Sidecar.
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