Dry Jack (8 Ounce)

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Dry Jack is an aged variation of America's beloved Monterey Jack cheese. Dry Jack originated in California in the early 1950's as heat-wracked Californian's needed a more shelf-stable version of their staple cheese and homesick Italian immigrants yearned for a domestic version of parmesan (which had been mired on and off in war-time embargoes). Enter this rich and nutty, yet mild cheese which came along and made everyone happy; the aging process eliminated the need for immediate refrigeration and the dry, bittle texture of this cheese combined with its saltiness made it a perfect substitute for parmesan. This Dry Jack is rubbed with bitter cocoa and black pepper for added zestiness. Grate it over a casserole or put in in an omelette or a soufflé to be served alongside a Zinfandel or a Chardonnay .
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