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  • Last week we reopened our flagship store on Atlantic Avenue. I cried when we pulled the gates up. I was so emotional and happy. In 70 years, we have had only a handful of unplanned closures and none lasted more than a few days. This closure lasted over 2 months and it felt wonderful to be interacting with the customers again. No longer faceless numbers on our delivery partners' tablet, but real people in the aisles. The look on our staff’s faces said it all. “Welcome back, customers and friends!”...
  • This Sunday September 29 will be our 45th Atlantic Antic, one of the largest street festivals in NYC and arguably the one with the most diverse food selection. Though I date myself by admitting it, I have been at each and every one. I was only 7 for the very first Atlantic Antic and as I have grown so has the festival. Even with all the other competing events in NYC, the Atlantic Antic is a must-do. This giant party is almost always the last weekend in September, and in all these years we have been lucky en...
  • One of the most fun activities of the Sahadi’s holiday season is the basket making and gift making. Our talented and creative staff enjoys putting together whimsical baskets filled with surprises! They walk through the store picking up this and that, items they would personally love to receive, and then artfully arrange them in baskets and festively wrap. The gift baskets have quite a personal touch and each of our team members puts their heart into making them look terrific. 

  • September 24, 2017 will be our 43rd Atlantic Antic, one of the largest street festivals in NYC and arguably the one with the most diverse food selection.  I have been at each and every one. 

  • November is here and with it comes the reality of the Holidays. In retail, the holiday prep starts in the spring with pre-booking overseas specialties to ensure our inventory (i.e. — so we don’t run out of your favorite candy!). Every year when I am ordering organic candy canes and mincemeat tarts in late April, I experience a unique sense of disorientation planning the fourth quarter while enjoying the arrival of spring — but that is the life of a retailer!

  • It’s said that most families show love through food, but in a family that is not only close knit but sells imported food products, that phrase takes on special meaning. For Middle Eastern families, food is central to our culture.