Chestnut Spread Tube, Clement Faugier

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Served in an easy to use tube, this heavenly chestnut spread is produced in France by Clement Faugier, with chestnuts harvested from Ardeche (a region in France legendary for their chestnuts). Each batch expertly blends chestnuts, sugar, crushed candied marrons, and a hint of natural vanilla flavor to produce a sweet and delectable spread perfect for baking and eating. The tube packaging allows for easy and more precise application for decorating cookies, cakes, and baked goods. Fat free and low cholesterol.

Each tube contains 2.75 oz of chestnut spread.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Chestnuts, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Crushed Candied Marrons (Marrons: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Vanilla Natural Flavor), Water, Vanilla Natural Flavor 

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1 Review

Richard Jul 2nd 2018

Clement Faugier chestnut spread

Americans are missing out! In Europe chestnuts are used in ice cream, desserts and finally in an incredible spread. Do what the French do and put this on a croissant and go to heaven.

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