Extracts T&C Natural Lemon Extract Paste

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Taylor & Colledge uses a unique extraction process to capture the true taste of lemon in this concentrated Natural Lemon Extract Paste. Fresh and tangy, this extract paste is suitable for baking at high temperatures and produces bright and citrusy baked goods, from cupcakes and pound cakes with lemon cream cheese frosting to coconut squares and tarts.  Popular with summer bakers, as each teaspoon replaces the zest of an entire lemon. As a real flavor substitute for traditional extracts, simply use half the amount called for. The easy to use tube is mess-free and allows for decorative precision. Gluten Free, Propylene Glycol Free, and GMO Free.

Each tube contains 1.4 oz of lemon extract paste.

Ingredients: Concentrated Natural Lemon Extract (Purified Water, Alcohol, Lemon Oil), Natural Thickeners: Maize Starch, Tragacanth & Xanthan Gums

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