1. Sahadi's now has 2 retail locations – To better serve our local customers, Sahadi’s has expanded and opened a second retail store in Industry City. We’d love to see you if you’re in the neighborhood, so check out our Locations page to plan your trip!

2. Pickup and Local Delivery – what’s that all about? Pickup is free, and this service is available at both of our locations. Local delivery is a fee-based service delivered by a local courier. Please see the list of available zip codes that this service covers.

3. I have multiple shipping and delivery fees in my shopping cart. Why? Sahadi's has grown, and we now offer new services that our old website didn’t support. We now have pickup and local delivery in addition to standard shipping via UPS/USPS. We also have two retail stores, and the inventory is somewhat different at each location.

Please note our new product availability matrix that now shows on all product pages. When an item is marked as “available” from either or both stores, that means it is available for pickup and/or local delivery from either or both stores. When an item is marked as “available” for shipping, that means it is available to ship via UPS and/or USPS.

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  • Available at Industry City X
  • Available for Shipping
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As you add items to your shopping cart, you may add items from both stores, and items that require different types of delivery. So, when you land in your shopping cart, you’ll see these additional fees listed on a per item basis. Whenever possible, our website will group the items by store and/or delivery method, and you always have the option of removing items from your cart if you don’t want to pay the additional fees.

4. Where will we ship? Anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. Any order with a P.O. Box as the ship to address must ship via USPS. Currently, we do not offer shipping to international addresses.

5. How much is shipping/local delivery? The shipping costs associated with your order are calculated based upon the weight and size of the package being shipped. The rates are obtained directly from UPS and/or USPS. Local delivery fees vary by zip code and are flat rates. These fees are presented to you at checkout.

6. Can I still place an order if my billing address is outside the US? For any order where the bill to address resides outside the US, you will need to place that order directly with the store. Please call 718-624-4550 and we will complete your order by phone for you.

7. How long will it take for my order to arrive? We ship all our packages using UPS Ground Service or USPS Priority mail. Once your package leaves our location, it can take anywhere from 2-7 days to arrive, depending on where it's going. For local delivery, we use a local delivery courier, and because of this, Sahadi's cannot guarantee exact delivery times. Deliveries should be made within a 2-hour window from the selected delivery time by the courier service.

8. When will my order be shipped? Our goal is to get every order out of our stores within 48 hours of receiving it. In the unusual circumstance that it takes longer, we will advise you of how long it will be, and the reason why.

9. Can I order over the phone? You can order the items offered on this website by phone, but we highly recommend ordering online. Ordering by phone means an order takes longer to get into our system. This delay generally means a delay in processing and shipping your order.

10. How safe is ordering online? Totally safe. We use a secure server and payment gateways during the whole payment process. Our hosting company maintains 100% PCI Compliance and our site is regularly checked for malware and site integrity.

11. Do you accept COD's? Unfortunately, we do not offer CODs at this time. We do accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express.

12. Are there any warm weather restrictions when ordering gift baskets? There are a few chocolate items in a few of our baskets that cannot be shipped in the warm weather. If the weather will not allow us to ship a particular item in a basket, then we will substitute that item with a similar type item of equal or greater value. We also don't ship orders with heat sensitive items on Thursdays or Fridays during warm weather, so they don't sit out during hot weather weekends. We want to be sure our products always arrive in perfect condition!