Grains, Bulghur Wheat Fine #1

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We're proud to source our bulghur from the oldest producer of bulghur wheat in the Western Hemisphere, using a time-tested recipe originating in the Middle East. Our bulghur is all natural and made from white wheat, giving it a slightly sweeter wheat taste and a very light, pleasing color. Traditionally used in soups and pilafs, this fine bulghur absorbs liquid quickly and evenly. Popular in traditional Lebanese dishes like kibbee and tabouli, this fine bulghur is versatile enough to create a wide range of nutritious and fun dishes, from jalapeno chili to warm lentil salads to bulghur kabob burritos and bulghur eggplant parmesan.

Each bag contains 16 oz of bulghur.

Packed in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy and wheat ingredients 

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