Sun Lion Harissa

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Sun Lion Harissa is a custom blended Moroccan style hot sauce popular for its slightly spicy, yet toasted flavor profile. Shelf stable even after opening, this convenient, re-sealable squirt top package means that this sauce can enjoy a daily place on your dinner table. Low in sugar and high in exotic flavors, this sauce enhances a variety of recipes, and is especially good as a condiment for grilled meat, fish, and roasted vegetables, stirred into stews and soups, or served with rice and couscous dishes.

Each bottle contains 14 oz of harissa

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1 Review

Matt Nussbaum Jul 18th 2017

Great Tasting Sauce!

I had low expectations that a store-bought sauce in a bottle would have any flavor - but I was wrong! The taste of the black caraway seeds give this chile sauce a big thumbs up from me - using it on grilled chicken, to my wife who likes with eggs, and my crazy and finicky kids who mix with mayo to dip their fries in! Love this stuff.

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