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Hosted Exclusively at Industry City!



This large landscaped outdoor area can accommodate several different seating arrangements. Perfect for evening, en plein air events, the sunset provides unbeatable decor. Kids will enjoy running around in the natural rock gardens. Adults will enjoy access to the exterior bar (bar buyouts are suggested for exclusive access). Capacity: 40 seated or 60 standing.  



This L-shaped indoor space was formerly our cafe seating and comes with cafe tables & chairs (see photos). Just inside the double doors, this is the most private dining option on offer. Music, lighting, and decor can be tailored to your preference. With its proximity to the kitchen, this is also the best option for multi-course meals.  Capacity: 40 seated or 60 standing.


Cafe Takeover

This dining area combines our indoor cafe seating with Innovation Alley, and extends the whole length of the building from entrance to entrance. This is our largest capacity space and is also completely indoors. Music and lighting can be tailored to your preference in the cafe area, while the alley can host live music or DJs and act as an overflow standing area or cocktail reception.  Capacity: 50 seated or 70 standing.



Full Buyout

Courtyard - 40 Seated - 60 Standing

Cafe - 40 Seated 60 Standing

Cafe and Innovation Alley - 50 Seated 70 Standing



Middle Eastern


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