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  • Wrap it up with a bow! Wrap it up with a bow!
    December 12, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    One of the most fun activities of the Sahadi’s holiday season is the basket making and gift making. Our talented and creative staff enjoys putting together whimsical baskets filled with surprises! They walk through the store picking up this and that, items they would personally love to receive, and then artfully arrange them in baskets and festively wrap. The gift baskets have quite a personal touch and each of our team members puts their heart into making them look...
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  • Holiday Preparations Holiday Preparations
    November 18, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    November is here and with it comes the reality of the Holidays. In retail, the holiday prep starts in the spring with pre-booking overseas specialties to ensure our inventory (i.e. — so we don’t run out of your favorite candy!). Every year when I am ordering organic candy canes and mincemeat tarts in late April, I experience a unique sense of disorientation planning the fourth quarter while enjoying the arrival of spring — but that is the life of a...
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  • Autumn & Anuga Autumn & Anuga
    October 15, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    If it weren’t for the fact that Winter is around the corner, Autumn would be my favorite season. There’s just a slight chill in the air while still a few gorgeous, sunny days with beach potential. This time of year, my thoughts turn more to cooking and comfort foods. This is probably because each October my husband and I attend the international food show, Anuga. This year, it was in Cologne, Germany. On the way we actually snuck in two beach days in Mallorca, Spain first. After all the stress of opening our new store in Industry City, we were due for a little sunshine and a lot of fresh-caught seafood with local wines. The best thing about the area we stay in in Palma is its delicious local seafood. You just pick from the case and tanks and they cook it for you with extra virgin oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The catch of the day is always amazing and simply prepared.  No wonder Spain is famous for their bocarones! The grilled razor clams and the scallops in shell tasted as incredible as they look. And I can’t say enough about the squid in its...
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