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  • Sahadi's on Wheels:  Tuk-Tuk Sahadi's on Wheels: Tuk-Tuk
    August 5, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    For years my husband Pat and I have been saying if we ever bought a vehicle for a pop up food truck, it would be a tuk-tuk. On all of our travels we’ve seen tuk-tuks used for any number of purposes, and they’ve always stood out for their cuteness and versatility. It was one our first purchases for our IC location and we are thrilled to be using it outside our space. This all-electric vehicle has zero emissions, making it perfect for indoor or courtyard popups and environmentally friendly. When we first started this tuk-tuk venture we thought we would move it around campus once we opened (we’re still planning on doing that). Since we have been so delayed it has become our semi-permanent home on campus right outside our...
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  • In The Home Stretch In The Home Stretch
    July 2, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    While the construction process has been much longer and more arduous than we were expecting, we are finally entering the home stretch. After months of electrical and engineering questions and issues we worked through, as well as a multitude of architectural changes in the drawings, we were finally in the position to start stocking the shelves. While the stock is only just arriving, most had been ordered months ago, so it has been a lot of fun remembering what we actually ordered as it arrives and is put on the...
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  • Blooming Herbs and Backyard Grilling Blooming Herbs and Backyard Grilling
    May 30, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    Summer in New York City normally means steamy hot days with sunshine. This summer has started off a bit grey and cooler, so when a recent weekend started shaping up nicely my thoughts turned to BBQ and backyard entertaining. I am one of those people who perks up considerably in the sunshine. I love the smell of grilled foods mingling with the aromatic scents from my blooming herb garden. This year I have added purple sage, golden oregano and lemongrass to my traditional spicy oregano, mint, English thyme, rosemary, zaatar and cilantro plants. I also bought 5 different kinds of basil because I love the colors and textures.  My husband Pat is a terrific gardener and spends hours making sure it blooms for as long as...
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