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  • Spring Flavors Spring Flavors
    May 2, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    Spring is the season of renewal and new beginnings. The leaves are coming out on our fig tree, the herb garden perennials are poking their heads up and the blueberries and pears are flowering. My husband has been diligently nursing our Aleppo and Urfa pepper plants grown from last year’s seed, as well as many other varieties. We even managed to germinate some fresh zaatar seeds that family brought for us! Life is good. The incessant rain is supposed to bring May flowers and so far, is trying hard to do its job. I can’t wait to see our summer garden in its full...
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  • Feels Like Spring Feels Like Spring
    April 1, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    In our home, Easter is a huge holiday. My family practices a mixture of religions, so we celebrate both the Greek and the Roman Catholic Easters. It makes for a fun and long spring...
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  • Trials and Triumphs of Construction Trials and Triumphs of Construction
    March 1, 2019
    Christine Sahadi Whelan
    The new Industry City location is the very first expansion of our third-generation, family-owned business.  In all that time, we were never able to build from scratch, and while I knew it would be a huge project, it is a much bigger undertaking than I...
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